An open call

The Copyright Hub, in partnership with the Connected Digital Economy Catapult, has launched an open call for real world use cases to test and deploy new functionality enabled by the Hub.

We envisage the day when more creative works carry identifiers which link the work to its creator, and when the process of asking for (and receiving) permission to use it can be done by your computer rather than – necessarily – by you.

Imagine, for example, being able to right-click on a picture you find online, and see a menu of simple options for getting permission to use it. Click, get a licence. Simple.

Ideas like this, and many other ways in which Hub technology could be used by others, are driving our thinking.

A substantial team from the Digital Catapult is working with the Hub team on the technology, standards and protocols which will enable this sort of service. We are working to a blueprint, the summary of which you can read here.

We have reached the stage where we need your help. We are already working on a number of use cases – examples of how this technology will be used in reality. Now we want more.

The Catapult is running an Open Call for more use cases which we can use to deploy Hub functionality in the real world. By getting involved now you can not only help us deliver the Hub foundation but you can be among the first to deploy it and use it to build new opportunities and services.

Please have a look at the Open Call webpage and consider applying.

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