ARDITO project gets underway

The ARDITO project, an ambitious EU-funded initiative to kick-start a digital rights information network, is now formally underway and the Copyright Hub is very excited to be a key part of this initiative.

Seven organisations from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France and the UK will be working to deliver tools and services that aim to support creators and small businesses in the creative content sector, to find new business ideas through monetising the re-use of their content.

The organisations involved will build tools and services around their own areas of expertise, in particular books, images and digital watermarking / fingerprinting.

The Copyright Hub will play a key role in serving as a point of integration for all these different tools. We will also be organising various symposia and other public meetings to showcase these tools and make connections between all the various players in the rights arena.

Stay tuned for regular announcements on the progress of this exciting initiative! And do get in touch if you want to know more.

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