Clixta Launch Update

Recently we were excited to announce the launch of Clixta, the first mobile application which has implemented the Copyright Hub technology and plans to change the way the world shares and values our old photos. However we weren’t the only ones excited about their launch, with a good turn out to their event at the Digital Catapult Centre and an article on the BBC giving their app a great boost. Dean and Shaun have reported interest from all over the world and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens next.

The launch event included talks from industry professionals and both Linda Royles from The MOCA and Michael Collins from i-Publishing Consultants have kindly allowed us to share their contributions.

Linda Royles reflected on the world pre-internet and the importance of preserving photographs:

‘When Shaun asked me to say a few words, I started to reflect on, what it is about Clixta that I really like. I started to think about the pre-pinterest, pre- instagram, pre-twitter days and to dig around for some facts to contextualize the Clixta journey.

• According to Kodak’s annual report of 2000, the height of analogue photography came in 1999. A year when a staggering 80billion images were captured on film.

• Compare that to the 1960’s when were taking on average 3 billion photos per annum and in the 1930’s 1 billion images with the advent of the first box brownie cameras.

Where did they all go?’

Read more of Linda’s talk here.

Michael Collins from i-Publishing Consultants discussed his personal experience in the industry and the outcomes from the ‘Exploring the Future of Image Licensing’ round table that he had hosted.

He discussed the importance of preserving the human element of so many photos; ranging from a shoe maker using a photo of David Bowie wearing a pair of their boots (taken from the site to finding a wedding photo, with the names of all the people involved tucked behind his mother’s wardrobe. You can see Michael’s PowerPoint presentation here.

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