Copyright Done Right Launches

It’s the day of announcements for The Copyright Hub.
Not only have we launched our first Hub Application today, but we have also launched a new website for our current and future supporters.
It’s called Copyright Done Right and it explains a bit about the work we’re doing and why everyone should support us.
As you can see, it has launched with logos and quotes from a group of supporters and we expect that both of these will grow rapidly.
So why have we done this?
Well… we thought it was high time we started spreading the word, and the day we launch our first live application is a good day to do it. We also thought those who have supported us already should have their names known.
But more importantly than that, we need to explain to everyone why this should matter to them and we need to encourage more individuals, companies and governments to contribute to our work.
We now have a huge amount of support, an lot of Hub Applications waiting to be deployed, and support for our approach from right across the globe.
Whether we can turn all that into real and sustainable impact depends, for a while at least, on the resources we have available.
Every time we help a Hub Application to launch, we will be working with a business or individual who will be investing far more of their own time and money. They will also be aiming to generate multiple times more benefit from their use of our technology.
If we can launch enough, quickly enough, we can create real and lasting economic and cultural impact which can span the whole world.
For that we need more money of our own and we have begun a campaign to raise it.
Copyright Done Right is part of that. We encourage everyone to come to the site, learn about our work and offer us support in any way they can. Look at the site, fill in the feedback form on it (or email us direct) and help to build and sustain our momentum.

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