Join the Hub round table event in Barcelona!

The Copyright Hub is hosting a round table event in Barcelona, Spain, to discuss the use of identification technologies in connecting creative content with rights information across the internet.

The workshop, on Friday September 22nd, will focus on how technologies such as digital fingerprinting and watermarking for video and images, can work as identifiers that link a piece of digital content with rights information about it.

This event is free and is an opportunity for those attending to provide input into the direction of the ARDITO project, an EU-funded initiative to create market-driven services to support creators to monetise the re-use of their content.

Richard Hooper (Hon. President of the Copyright Hub Foundation) will be opening the session and we will have input from the EU to explain the importance of the digital single market.

Most of the day will be spent in discussion groups, listening to feedback from those attending to ensure that the tools developed in the ARDITO project are truly effective for the people that use them.

Click here for details and registration information