Join us in Rome to discuss digital identification

As part of the EU-funded Ardito Project, the Copyright Hub is hosting a second round-table event to discuss the use of identification technologies in connecting creative content with rights information across the internet.

The workshop is on Friday December 8th, and this time will focus technologies that are helping with identification in the publishing industry.

This round table follows a very successful gathering in Barcelona last September, which focused on the video and images sector.

This is a free event and open to all. So join us!

Those attending will have a chance to hear about, among other things, current uses of digital watermarking in publishing and the use of DOI technology for rights information.

There will be opportunities for discussion in small groups and networking with technology companies, publishers and other influencers in the industry.

The EU co-funded ARDITO project was launched in January 2017 and aims to connect content across the internet with rights management information with the goal of creating a true digital market place for copyright protected content.

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