Metadata in moving images event – London June 27th

Join us in London on June 27th (1400-1700 BST) for an afternoon of demos and debate on preserving valuable metadata throughout the life of moving images.

This free event, hosted by the Copyright Hub and The Media Institute, will take place at University College London and you can book your place here.

Moving image media travels through an abundance of workflows – from production to distribution to archive to re-purposing – to reach audiences on screens of all types – from mobile displays to Ultra HD TVs.

It traverses production companies, post-production facilities, broadcasters, streaming services, media asset managers and cloud computing providers.

Throughout these journeys, valuable metadata is created and then lost. Further metadata investments are not made, given the likelihood of single-purpose use and expectation of loss.

This event discusses a ‘round trip’ for metadata, ensuring its preservation. We will focus on copyright and descriptive metadata, the types of metadata requiring human effort or sophisticated AI to create. These add asset value to media, but only if retained safely across the workflow.

Copyright metadata

  • Discover copyright status and contact points: Being able to discover ownership or representation of media is fundamental to licensing.
  • Embed copyright notices: ensure anyone accessing the media is clear.
  • Research copyright in advance of rights clearance: build on available linked data and past research to simplify rights clearance.

Tools created during the LUCID Rights initiative will be demonstrated, illustrating the round trip for copyright metadata

Descriptive metadata

  • Ensure investments in descriptive tagging are portable and discoverable.
  • Take advantage of new AI-based tools to generate metadata.
  • Search video collections rapidly without opening or downloading media directly.

Descriptive metadata can be part of the same round trip, supporting media workflows and user search. Selected tools from the QUEMAT project will be included in the demonstration.