Updating the website

The Copyright Hub has been moving rapidly for the last few months and the website is now catching up. Since its launch the vision, organisation and ambition of the Hub have developed, intensified and rapidly advanced and over the next few weeks and beyond we’ll be overhauling the website to add much more information about our new activities as well, obviously, as expanding what’s there already.

This blog is a new thing, which we’ll be using to provide informal and more frequent updates on interesting things relevant to the Hub as well as longer mini-essays (likethis one) explaining some of the thinking which underlies our current development.

Have a look at the About section for some other new things, and check back because we’ll keep adding more and restructuring some of the existing content. For a brief summary of our current thinking have a look at our manifesto.

Soon we’ll add more information about some of our workstreams including the technical work we’re doing with the Connected Digital Economy Catapult, some of the great initiatives which have come out of the Education Working Group and adding links to more useful organisations and partners.

Thanks for visiting, please come back often and so please send us feedback.

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