At last! It’s the Copyright Hub Blog

We’re busy.

A lot of the work we’re doing right now is invisible. Our vision for making licensing work better online needs some technical foundations which we – and everyone – can build on.

We have been working intensively with our partners, the Connected Digital Economy Catapult, to build these foundations. They sound so simple and elegant when expressed as concepts (and we’ll talk more about them in future blog posts and updates to the site) but once you get into the detail… well you know what it’s like once you get into the detail. Detailed.

The team working on this has been expanding quickly and are now working at pace to deliver our concepts, demonstrators and eventually reference implementations and actual working systems delivering the capability and reality of better and more automated licensing.

This blog is, in part, to throw a bit of light onto that otherwise rather invisible work and also to discuss ideas and issues arising in our projects and elsewhere. Please do give us feedback on it and on what we’re working on too.


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