What benefits can I expect from joining the Copyright Hub (CH)?

The Hub software does two things.

  • It joins content up to you wherever it is found on the Internet.
  • It opens up a whole new market by letting you automate low cost licensing which is uneconomic to provide otherwise (figures for this market are predicted in the Hargreaves report on intellectual property).

There is more information here about how the Hub technology ecosytem works.

What benefits should I expect from joining the CH now?

It will be a little time until you see direct monetary benefit (for that to happen we need to have a wide number of organisations active). But for now you will immediately benefit from the marketing and networking opportunities available.

How much effort will it take to set up?

We are working to a goal that it would take a developer less than a day to get all the services set up. You probably don’t want to run your own Hub, so it will take even less time to get hooked up.

Do I have to use the Hub services, or can my developers adapt our existing system?

The services are designed to be quick to set up, so should work out cheaper in time and running cost than your own system. However it is certainly possible to use your own system. All you need to do implement the correct interface in order to join the Hub ecosystem.

Will there be support?

We (CH) offer support. You will also belong to the Hub User Group which will provide support from those who have already implemented the Hub software.

What will it cost me to use the CH?

The Copyright Hub Foundation is a non-profit and the core CH technology is open source and free to use.
The Foundation has to survive and a business model is currently being developed that will achieve that.

Does the Hub stop people illegally downloading content?

The Hub is an enabling technology not a policing technology. The Hub is making it easy for people to do the right thing. There are of course systems that prevent/police illegal downloads and these can be used in tandem with the Hub.

What if my content is free to use under Creative Commons?

The Hub is not just about communicating pay-for licences. It is about making information easily available. If something is free to use (e.g. Open Access), that can also be communicated to the user via the Hub.

How does the Hub work for text or for music?

We are working on our first Apps for text and music now. For text we resolve the known identifiers such as ISBN, ISSN, DOI from sites like Amazon or Google.
Our music App is recognising works from YouTube and pointing back to the music publisher.

What is someone uses the Hub to offer rights they should not?

The Copyright Hub has a governance process. Content providers who sign up to use the Hub must do two things:

  1. Stand behind the assertions they make.
  2. Agree to take part in the Hub dispute process, if any dispute arises.