What others are saying


Francis Gurry|Director General, WIPO

“The Copyright Hub is a key enabler to make the digital content market work better, work more democratically across the globe, opening up whole new possibilities for creators.”

Sir Peter Bazalgette|Arts Council England Council

“The Copyright Hub is a brilliantly simple idea which enables the exploitation of digital content by its owners. It’s a British idea with universal significance and it can be a catalyst for the growth of our creative industries.”

Thomas Dolby |Professor of Music

“The time is right for The Copyright Hub. New and future generations of musicians and creators will welcome a fresh approach that offers simpler administration of their copyrights, while taking full advantage of rapid advances in computer and mobile technology.”

Bruce Woolley | Songwriter, Producer, Performer

“The Copyright Hub recognises that Art, Science and Music must be protected by Copyright – a Human Right – which allows creators to benefit from the fruits of their labour, benefiting society as a whole.”

Hermann Hauser |Amadeus Capital

“The Copyright Hub is an enabling technology for UK plc – one of the most important initiatives for the media industry I have ever come across.”

Sarah Faulder| Chief Executive, Publishers Licensing Society

“The realisation of Richard Hooper’s vision of a hub to facilitate the interaction between people wanting to use different types of creative content and rights holders is a remarkable achievement. The Copyright Hub promises to demystify copyright and so help to engender a healthier respect for what is the cornerstone of publishing and the entire creative sector. PLS is proud to have been associated with its development and looks forward to seeing the Hub become an integral part of the worldwide copyright landscape.”

Robert Ashcroft|Chief Executive, PRS for Music

“If we are to maintain copyright in the digital age we need to make sure that people know where to go to get the licences they need and for this to be easy. The Copyright Hub is making an essential contribution in doing just that and is an effort that is warmly welcomed and fully supported by PRS for Music.”

Richard Hooper CBE|Chairman, The Copyright Hub Foundation

“The Copyright Hub has in three short years helped change the narrative in the UK about copyright and softened the copyright wars between tech companies and creative companies.”

Lord Clement-Jones CBE |House of Lords

“Properly supported and developed the Copyright Hub can become a powerful global resource for the creative industries placing the UK at the centre of copyright licensing worldwide.”

Neil Crockett | CEO, Digital Catapult

“At the Digital Catapult we passionately believe the Hub creates an open platform for the UK – and our amazing creative talent – to be global leaders in the next phase of the Digital Creative economy. So partnering to make the Copyright Hub a reality was a no brainer for us and seeing it happen is incredibly exciting.”

Angela Mills Wade | Executive Director, European Publishers Council

“All too often we hear that the law of copyright and licensing of digital works is just too complex online, and that it is somehow holding back progress of the digital economy. The Copyright Hub proves the naysayers wrong and sits at the very heart of the digital economy, hiding complexity and making copyright work in the digital age for rightsholders and users alike.”

David Hoffman|David Hoffman Photo Library

“Individual photographers struggle to be viable in the shadow of the large agencies dominating the internet. By simplifying and automating the licensing of our work the Copyright Hub will help us to remain visible and competitive in our increasingly pressurised industry.”

Dids Macdonald | CEO, Anti Copying in Design (ACID)

“The creation of a centralised “safe house” for copyright creators to trade their intellectual property through effective licensing is an eminently sensible idea. The Copyright Hub will be a very welcome conduit and enabler to push trading boundaries through collaborative global opportunities”

Vick Bain | CEO, BASCA

“The Copyright Hub is the stepping stone to our digital future. The solutions it is generating give hope to composers and songwriters for new and legitimate income streams from their musical works. It is common sense that BASCA would support such an endeavour.”

John Howkins|Author, The Creative Economy

“The Copyright Hub is one of those simple, obvious ideas that take real brilliance and determination to put into practice. It meets the Adelphi Charter’s demand for copyright to be fair, user-friendly and efficient, and so meets market needs in the best sense. I predict it will be a hit and look forward to the international rollout.”

Jo Dipple | CEO, UK Music

“The Copyright Hub shows great British leadership in making copyright licensing simpler. UK Music’s “Licensing Works” reported on the innovative and progressive work done in the music sector. The ability and ease of licensing music determines our market, worth £3.8bn to the UK economy and delivering £2.2bn exports. Our business is all about innovation and licensing. The support given by the Hub to the wider licensing environment is essential.”

Michael Healy | Executive Director, International Relations, Copyright Clearance Center

“CCC has supported the Copyright Hub since its inception and is pleased to see how it has developed and grown. We applaud the Hub’s efforts to make it easy for people to obtain, use, and share the information they need, while protecting the interests of creators and other copyright holders.”

Paul Goldstein | Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

“The Copyright Hub is surely moving in the right direction in making licensed uses of copyrighted works more desirable than unlicensed ones, to the benefit of creators and users alike.”

Eddy Leviten |Director General, Alliance for Intellectual Property

“The Copyright Hub is a great British innovation in itself. Making it easier to find and use copyrighted works in the digital age is something that will help creators and consumers alike. Of course we are all creators now; publishing photos, videos, music, code, art and designs digitally and it is equally vital to educate how to protect intellectual property created by individuals.”

John Petter | CEO, BT Consumer

“The copyright hub is a wonderfully innovative approach to promoting the UK’s combined and mutually reinforcing strengths in technology and creativity”

Mark Lawrence|CEO, Association for Electronic Music

“Technology is ripping change through nearly every creative industry – transforming the user and creator experience – yet the rights management landscape remains as if typewriters and wax cylinders were the apple of the consumers eye – The Copyright Hub is a fine example of the positive disruption we should embrace”

Sam Obernik | Artist, Songwriter and Director of The Copyright Hub Foundation

“The Copyright Hub Foundation is something of a revolutionary facilitator to counter the evolutionary flux that creators and rights managers presently find themselves in. More meaningfully, “The Hub” stands to re-align direct channels of transaction and understanding between consumer and creator. A brilliant, ambitious and empowering example of making technology work for us in a time when, as creators, we feel increasingly powerless to technology’s wield. It’s basically preserving our future heritage – and that is priceless.”

Pete Woodroffe | Songwriter, Producer, BASCA Songwriter Executive Committee Member

“Anything that can make sense of the crazy world of internet copyright has to be welcomed. The Copyright Hub has the potential to bring common sense and fairness back to a fragmented and unregulated system where the creative community is being exploited to make huge amounts of money for other people.”

Lord Puttnam CBE|House of Lords

“The Copyright Hub is an idea whose time has come – it takes advantage of the internet to make licensing clear, simple and transparent, facilitating millions of transactions in a way that was simply impossible in an analogue age. It’s a visionary initiative.”

Professor Ian Hargreaves CBE|Cardiff University and author of the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property

“The Copyright Hub is of central importance to my own vision of a copyright system which speaks to the everyday needs of consumers, as well as providing opportunities to build new business opportunities for rights owners.”

EPUK – Editorial Photographers UK

“Creators are under greater pressure than ever before from infringement, from new legislation and from the imposition of unfair contracts. Creators need to be easily connected to their work and their potential clients so they can continue to produce it. The Copyright Hub is playing a leading role by creating the technological ecosystem essential to the UK creative industry’s future.”

Eugene Mopsik | Advocacy Strategist, PLUS Director

“The Copyright Hub is leading the way in the creation of frictionless licensing for photography and other visual works. With the entire world as the marketplace, the Hub is establishing the new business model necessary for rights holders to benefit in an ongoing manner and for consumers to easily use and enjoy those works.”

Alan Rae | Copyright consultant, Colleges Scotland and Director, The Copyright Hub Foundation

“Educational establishments have the potential to make considerable use of the Hub since not all resources required in teaching and learning are covered by collective licences or exceptions. The Hub is providing a simple, transparent, direct and cost effective method to connect users and creators”

Crispin Hunt|Songwriter, Record Producer, BASCA Songwriters Executive, Elected Director of PRS, Elected Director of PPL

“Copyright is not broken, it’s just a Ford Model-T, when what Creators now need is a Tesla Model- X. Copyright must become fluid, agile, effective, easy to use and properly understood, if it is to allow Creators to continue to Create and hence Society to Recreate. The Copyright Hub appreciates and anticipates the dimensions of the space they are working in and the people and forces working within it. The Hub’s progressive and objective approach allows them a unique perspective from which to design fit-for-purpose digital solutions to the unfit-for-purpose analogue problems Creators and their Rights currently face”

Isabelle Doran|Chairperson, British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies (BAPLA)

“BAPLA proudly supports the ambitions of the Copyright Hub to bring connectivity and education to creators and users of all kinds involved with copyright content. We are also delighted that photography was at the forefront of launching this incredible technology and look forward to seeing it develop into an ‘everyday’ process for all.”

Paul Jessop|Founder and Director, County Analytics Ltd

“When I first joined the music industry I nearly got fired because a senior executive didn’t understand the difference between automatic licensing (having your right to negotiate taken away – a bad thing) and automated licensing (having a machine do the hard work on your terms – a very good thing). The Copyright Hub reduces that confusion and will ensure that automation is considered normal.”