Firefox plugin upgrade now available

Plugin use example

Following the release of our revamped Chrome plugin, we are pleased to announce that we now have a new Firefox version of the plugin as well.

The Firefox plugin can be downloaded from the Firefox Add-ons store and makes use of our revamped browser plugin technology.

Once you have installed the Firefox plugin, right-click on an image to find information about permissions. You can see an example of it in action if you use it on this image. You could even buy a licence online to use that picture if you really like it!

It is licensed by Album, one of our partners in the EU-funded Ardito project, an exciting initiative to widen the reach of content identification technologies in Europe.

Online copyright infringement is a major problem for content creators around the world. Their work is often used without proper attribution or licensing. On the other hand, it is often difficult for users to trace the owner of a work that they find online. And it is uneconomic for creators to enable the purchase of low-value licences.

The Copyright Hub is trying to lower the friction in this process of finding and getting permission to use digital content. Our plugins are one way of doing this.
As more content creators register their assets with the Hub, more and more licensing information will become accessible to users who want to do the right thing and pay for copyright content.

We are further developing the plugin technology to allow searching over text and video. Stay tuned!

If you use the Firefox plugin and have any question or comments, please get in touch.