Our Technology

At the Copyright Hub, our mission is to re-establish the link between a work and its owner on the Internet. Our vision is to act as a map that helps a user to navigate from a creative work, wherever it is found, to its owner, wherever they are.

Why? Because copyright and licensing are broken on the Internet. Online content is very often used without permission or attribution. As an example, consider how easy it is to search for an image on Google, right click on it, save it to your desktop and then use it in a presentation or other work. This is a breach of copyright, yet happens millions of times every single day.

As a result, creators are short-changed while consumers are turned into criminals.

Our open source technology allows creators to put their creations on the map, and our simple, straightforward tools allow those who consume content to chart a path back to those creators.

A map is only as good as its detail. So we are creating an eCopyright ecosystem by getting content creators to put information about their creations on the map and mark them with the eCopyright symbol; making a visible statement that copyright matters and that the tagged content is valued.

The eCopyright symbol provides active links so that consumers (and machines) get the right information when they come across content and want to use it.

How it works

At its simplest, the CH ecosystem has three points of access, as shown in the diagram below:


Content owners can onboard asset metadata and license information to a repository and that data is collated into an index.
Those who want to use content can query the dataset to find license information.

In a bit more detail, under the hood the CH ecosystem consists of nine separate API-driven services:

Repository Service – To store asset metadata and licences offered
Onboarding Service – To submit new or update existing asset metadata and licences offered
Index Service – To index all available information (asset metadata and licences offered)
Query Service – To find asset metadata and licences offered for an asset
Transformation Service – For transforming rights data to a valid RDF format
Resolution Service – For resolving Identifiers and HubKeys
Identity Service – For generating Hubkeys
Auth Service – For authenticating user access
Accounts Service – For user account management

They interact like this:


These services can be deployed separately or together and are all open source.

Currently the Copyright Hub Foundation maintains a live version of all these services. The aim is that other organisations will, in time, run some or all of the above services as well.

A content owner who wants to offer licences via the CH ecosystem can either set up their own subset of services  OR they can make use of existing ones. Please contact us for more information if you want to make licences available via the CH ecosystem.