The Copyright Hub Plugin

This page explains all you need to know about The Copyright Hub’s browser plug-ins. It will be frequently updated as we develop our technology, add new plug-ins and ways of connecting to us, and build additional Hub Applications for other content like music, film and text as well as pictures. If there’s something you need to know but isn’t here, please contact us.

Q. Where do I start? 
A. First of all you will need to download an extension that enables your computer to connect to licensing information for pictures that you have found.  
Q. What can I use the plug-in for?
A. The plug-in will work with any piece of content which has a resolvable identifier attached to it. The way to find out is to right-click it and select “Copyright Hub options” – if it can find an identifier something will happen!
Q. How do I know if I can buy a licence for a picture I've found on the internet? 
A. Once you've downloaded the extension (see Q1) you can simply right click (or secondary click with a Mac) on the picture you have found and select ’Copyright Hub Options …’ to see if you are able to purchase a licence. For the moment this is a limited number of pictures but it will grow rapidly and also extend to other content like music, videos and text. 
Q. There are available options to purchase a licence. What do I do next? 
A. If you find an option that works for you simply click the 'buy' button for the licence type you have chosen. If not there will be a link to contact the creator (or the people offering rights on their behalf) and agree a licence which works for you. 
Q. How do I pay? 
A. Clicking the 'buy' button will take you through to the licensors website and from there you can follow their instructions.  
Q. What happens when I've paid for my picture? 
A. The licensor will tell you how you can download and use the picture you have bought. 
Q. When I right click on the picture there are licence options available but none of them suits me. What can I do? 
A. Don't despair. You might be able to get a licence by clicking on the 'see more' hyperlink below the licence purchase options, which will take you to the  website offering the creator's work or contact details for them. Please do contact them, they'll be able to help and it might help them work out other licences they should add to the options for the future. 
Q. What if there are no licence purchase options?  
A. This could mean that a creator doesn't currently have licenses they wish to offer though the hub.  You can still contact a creator (or the people offering rights on their behalf) directly to get a licence. If we know who they are we'll show a link about how to contact them. It could also mean that we don't know who the creator is (yet). If that's the case you'll have to try to track them down. You can find more information about how to do this here
Q. When I've paid does this mean I own the picture? 
A. No. You don't own the copyright in the picture but you have permission to use it.  You have the digital file for the picture that you have downloaded and have a right to use that so long as you keep to the terms of your licence.  
Q. What am I allowed to do with the picture? 
A. Please read the licence terms for the use you have chosen, they will say what you can and can't do.  
Q. I've already purchased and used a picture but I want to use it again. Can I do that? 
A. Yes, if the licence says you can. If not, just purchase another licence. 
Q. What if I have a problem with the picture? 
A. Please contact the creator (or the people selling rights on their behalf) using the email address at the top of your licence. 
Q. Why does it only work with pictures?
A. We have only just launched the first live services built on our technology, and they happen to be picture-based. The technology will work with any kind of content – movies, music, text and more, and as more services roll out the capabilities of the plug-in will expand.